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This application has originally been written for the Agenda VR3, one of the first linux-only PDAs.

Because Agenda’s standard-todo-app didn’t allow a hierarchical structure and some other things, I wrote this more useful app, which has become something really powerful since the project started….

Currently I’d say that it is more powerful than the standard "ToDo", "Schedule" and "Notes" together.

Because of its unique integration of calendar, todos and notes (encrypted, if you like), this application is still my favourite for those things on the desktop, although my Agenda is not in use anymore.

1. Features

Hierarchical todo-list and notes, appointments, calendar, project-time recorder. Fully searchable.

Every item (appointment, note, todo) can have start- and end (due-)date and be recurrent.

Tool to sync any number of data-files.

Items can be encrypted.

2. Screenshots

Here are screenshots of the main window in data and calendar view. Its unusual interface (from today’s point of view) was a standard one for its original hardware and quite a good fit.

MuPO data view

Calendar view:

MuPO calendar view

MuPO knows three different items: todos, notes and appointments. The item type can easily be switched, and every item appears in the calendar if begin and/or end date is set. Please take a look at the documentation or try it out..

3. Tested platforms

  • linux/x86

  • linux/mips (Agenda VR3, snowed and not snowed)

  • linux/arm (Compaq iPaq)

  • Win32

4. Download

If you think it’s useful for you, you may download (163 kByte) it. The archive only contains the source. MuPOSync, the tool used for syncing, is included, too.

Here (77 kByte) is a gzipped binary for the agenda (snow, version 1.1.X). As far as I can remember snow 1.2.X is the current toolchain, but I don’t have that and therefore can’t provide a binary for it.

There is a windows binary, v0.54 (639 kByte). It may not always be the most recent version.

MuPO is also available for the iPaq, see torquil’s site.

Binaries for other platforms can be found on agtoys (thanks to Georges!) and Maxim’s site. Note that those binaries might be made from versions of MuPO which are outdated or are not configured the way you like it.

As this application is growing complex now, I’d like you to send bug-reports if you think you found something…(you should do that anyway, but most times users need a reminder ;-)

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Jens W. Wulf