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2021-12-09: Even less keys
Trying out a new keyboard layout.
...after 20 years of using those keyboards.
2021-09-01: PyMsgBot_base
A chatbot written in python
2021-02-21: Digitale Vorsorge
Gedanken zur digitalen Vorsorge, Verteilung auf mehrere Vertrauenspersonen
2021-02-21: Digitale Vorsorge
(german only)
(german only)
(german only)
(german only)
2016-01-22: Jabber-Einführung
(german only)
2016-01-01: Messenger
(german only)
2016-01-01: fotoalbum update
Es ist die zeitliche Varianz!
...bisher mäßig erfolgreich, aber auch das ist eine Erfahrung.
2014-10-20: Chording keyboard
(german only)
(german only)
(german only)
I have been using this version for over two years now but did not publish it until now. Among the new features are: picture rating, a really powerful search function, file structure changed to support distributed editing by multiple users, enhanced picture selection via mouse.
2013-06-13: neuer Kopter
This is a new branch of fotoalbum which supports unicode characters by using a quite recent version of its underlying graphics interface library (FLTK 1.3.x). Apart from this and lots of fixes for WIN32 it is just the same as the recent version 0.33 of the old branch. The windows binary installer has been updated, too, and has nearly all the features of the linux version.
2011-03-23: MuPO 0.54
Finally it comes with a good editor and the possibility to select multiple items in order to copy or delete them.
2011-03-19: fotoalbum 0.33
This release adds lots of enhancements and fixes: documentation updates, use recently used path when adding pictures, background tasks on win32 (linux already had them), use big disc-based image cache, loading/scaling of pictures with better quality and faster than before, cleaner options and export dialogs, higher quality thumbnails without external libraries/programs, command line parameter to read a directory tree of images on startup, blocking plugins and image rotation as background threads, plugin to open an item with system wide default application on win32 and linux, enhanced html export, more powerful comment editor (automatic line break, backwards-delete-word).
2011-02-08: fotoalbum 0.31
This release adds a lot of html export enhancements (templates, ...), some undocumented features (limited asciidoc or html in description strings, tables in description strings, the possibility to limit edit menues for a file) and most of all it fixes very old memory handling errors which could lead to crashes.
unveränderte Komponenten, kleiner und leichter, aber nicht mehr faltbar
Sehr leicht, ST-MEMS-Gyros, ...
2010-08-08: Moved
Moved this site to
2010-07-10: Rubik's Cube
(german only)
2010-07-06: ergonomic keyboard
Pictures of the USB keyboard and the (more beautiful) one made from a mold.
(german only)
2010-07-04: new: newsfeeds
One is quadrocopter only, another one contains the whole site.
Messungen zur Auswahl von Zellenzahl, Motor, Luftschraube usw. Beschreibung des turnigy 3020-1200 in Sternschaltung.
2010-03-21: fotoalbum 0.30
...of avrdev and avrdebug; updated online documentation.
2009-03-19: new converter
This homepage is no longer created using php and mysql, (it has been like that since 2001-02-04); but with a tool written in C++, which creates all the files from some short xml files, a template, a little CSS and the content pages. Using this system, the public documentation of my projects becomes much simpler, as there is no need to create html/php files and feed a database; instead it is not much more than linking to some existing documentation, which might be html or asciidoc. During the conversion I dropped some old and less interesting pages.
2009-02-22: MuPO 0.53
2009-02-22: fotoalbum 0.29
2009-02-20: MuPO 0.52
fixed to make it compile using more recent compilers
2009-02-20: fotoalbum 0.28
fixed to make it compile using more recent compilers
2009-02-11: MuPO 0.50
2008-06-09: fotoalbum 0.26
2008-06-06: fotoalbum 0.25
2008-05-12: fotoalbum 0.23
2007-10-28: MuPO 0.49
2007-10-28: fotoalbum 0.22
2007-09-21: fotoalbum 0.21
2007-09-08: fotoalbum 0.20
2007-08-11: MuPO 0.48
2007-08-11: fotoalbum 0.19
2007-08-11: SiVeCo 0.2.8
2006-11-17: fotoalbum 0.18
2006-03-05: fotoalbum 0.17
2006-02-19: MuPO 0.47
2006-02-19: Fotoalbum 0.16
2006-02-16: Fotoalbum 0.15
2005-08-10: MuPO 0.46
2005-08-07: Fotoalbum 0.12
2005-06-05: fotoalbum 0.10
2005-05-17: ergonomic keyboard
new pictures, current keyboard layout and cutting template
2005-05-13: Fotoalbum 0.8
2005-04-30: fotoalbum 0.7
(0.6 had compile problems using gcc 3.4?)
2005-04-29: fotoalbum 0.6
(0.5 did not compile because of missing files)
2005-01-31: MuPO 0.44
2005-01-10: MuPO 0.43
2004-11-06: MuPO 0.42
2004-03-08: MuPO 0.41
2004-03-07: SiVeCo
Here's a new program you can download: SiVeCo (SimpleVersionControl)
2004-03-06: MuPO 0.40
2003-07-17: MuPO 0.39
including binary for snow 1.1.x
2003-06-25: MuPO 0.38
...and a binary for snow 1.1.X
2003-06-21: MuPO 0.37
2003-02-13: cmix 1.7
one bugfix per year ;-)
2002-11-30: MuPO 0.36
2002-07-24: MuPO
corrected MuPO download-link to version 0.35
2002-07-20: MuPO 0.35
and some minor updates
2002-04-25: MuPO 0.34
Important bugfixes, please upgrade!
2002-04-24: MuPO 0.32
2002-04-13: MuPO 0.31
2002-04-13: cmix 1.6
2002-01-23: MuPO 0.30
2001-12-15: Update: MuPO 0.29
2001-12-15: Update: cmix
2001-12-09: ergonomic keyboard
2001-11-22: MuPO 0.28
2001-11-05: MuPO 0.27
MuPO is available for the iPaq, too!
2001-10-22: MuPO 0.24
2001-10-16: MuPO 0.23
2001-10-03: MuPO 0.22
2001-09-30: MuPO 0.21
2001-08-22: MuPO 0.20
2001-08-16: MuPO 0.19
2001-08-12: MuPO 0.18
works with SNOW!!!
It includes a calendar and many other new features!
2001-07-11: MuPO 0.15
...and misc smaller updates
2001-05-29: MuPO version 0.13
2001-05-15: MuPO
Added lots of features to MuPO, there's a tool to sync your data, too.
MuPO, a multi-purpose-organizer for your PC or your PDA (like the Agenda VR3)
2001-04-23: KisoCD
Support for the new cdrecord 1.10 (cdrtools 1.10)
2001-04-22: Added sitemap
2001-04-18: KisoCD
Bugfix for KisoCD 0822a (latest official version for KDE2)
2001-04-03: KisoCD 0.6.4
by Steven Suson
2001-03-19: ergonomic keyboard
Finished first prototype of my ergonomic keyboard. Description is available, too.
2001-02-16: everything
Content of the pages slightly changed. New version online. Please drop a mail if something doesn't work like expected!
2001-02-08: Site creation
System is finished; I implemented a design similar to the old one, but simpler. The system itself is much more flexible now, changes to design, structure and content can be made easily and quickly.
2001-02-04: Site creation
Started programming a new system for creating these pages. Using PHP and mysql now instead of C++ and the cpp.
2000-01-04: Historical note
Homepage with a design similar to what is used up to 2007 and beyond. KisoCD and mixer, see CD13.
1999-03-01: Historical note
Around this time I made up my first website to publish the initial version of KisoCD. Obviously there is no backup...


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