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I guess these instructions are helpful for ubuntu users, too. First of all, install package gfortran.

avl 3.27, Debian lenny

  • download and untar AVL version 3.27

  • this patch contains the changes I made to make it compile on lenny

avl 3.31, ubuntu 10.10

Download AVL version 3.31.

tar xvfz avl3.31.tgz
cd Avl/plotlib
cp config.make.gfortran config.make
cd ../eispack

Edit Makefile: change FC = ifort to FC = gfortran

cd ../bin/
make -f Makefile_gfortran

AVL bugs

This bug only appears when the XServer does not handle the BackingStore attribute. In most installation it is off (see xdpyinfo | grep backing).

You can turn it on by adding

Option "BackingStore" "true"

to the device part of your xorg.conf.

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