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if you use CRRCSim and/or AVL, there is something I can offer you. It is a service to make creating input files for AVL and CRRCSim and a 3D model (AC3D format) easy.

You simply describe an airplane as documented here and send the resulting file to me via email (include "xml_to_AVL_3D_CRRCSim" in the subject to get through the chain of spam filters).

I’ll send you back an archive containing

  • Input files for AVL: .avl and .mass, script files showing how AVL had been used.

  • AVL output

  • A file showing some additional information about what has been done.

  • A 3D model (AC3D file) of your airplane.

  • An airplane description file for CRRCSim. It contains wheels/hard points for ground interaction, mass/inertia data and aerodynamic data (some from AVL output, some are fixed).

You only need to copy the last two files to your CRRCSim directories, they are ready to run.

Disclaimer: all this data may be full of errors. However, even if you are familiar with AVL, this is a very good starting point — you get full AVL input, AVL output and CRRCSim input, so you are able to see what I have done ;-)

This service is not completely for free: by doing this, you state your permission that an airplane model for CRRCSim may be created from your data and distributed with CRRCSim.

Please read the following description carefully and check your file using an internet browser (explained in the documentation linked above) before sending it to me.

Best regards, Jens


Here are some examples including a zip archive which contains the input file and output files just like written above.

So you may download them to have an example of what this service does or just to try out those models using CRRCSim.

Both models contain a few simple elements only needed to make the 3D model look nicer (fuselage pod, propeller disc).

A slowflyer

This is a slowflyer I built for various experiments. Note that the part of the input file which describes the main wing contains some items not explained in the documentation. They have no effect on AVL/CRRCSim.


Mark Drela’s Allegro

This one is created using the example input file which is discussed in the documentation.


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