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Number three and four

December 2001: Finally my thoughts from May 2001 have become usable hardware. In summer I made some tests with the layout of the keys and the arm-rest using potter's earth. Using the result, I made a mold, as I wanted to have at least two of this type made of fiberglass...but when building the first one, the mold 'died', so I build number four using wood again.

Both of them are placed on a big base plate so you can use this thing on your desk or on your lap. The latter case feels very comfortable and you have the mouse nearby, too.

I do use this one at work, but have rounded its edges in the meantime:

The one at home, quite young when this foto had been taken:

May 2005: This is how it looks since quite a long time now. It is quite small (compared to a usual keyboard) and provides storage space for things regularly needed at your hands. Multimedia keys have been added as well as a fixed position for LEDs.

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