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Changes made to QMK

It was more than two months ago that I hacked on qmk for some days, so I hardly remember anything about it. I’ll just try to separate parts of git diff here…

Use less code space in order to link audio and bluetooth into FeatherBLE.

Audio sound on hold action only and some include changes (include audio where it is needed instead of quantum.h) to make adafruitble compile with audio.

Code for my keyboards

todo: outdated! download (23 kByte)

pimoroni trackball

I thought I could do better than the code in qmk at that time. Well, maybe it’s better, but this trackball still is a low resolution device. See changed files keyboards/handwired/jww3/keymaps/pimoroni/pimoroni_trackball.* in the archive above.


I tried to make those atmega32u4 with QMK consume less current. My atmega644-based bit-banging-USB keyboard uses only 4.4mA, whereas I measured 30mA (ProMicro 16MHz) and >24mA (FeatherBLE) with QMK.

The code in the archive above enters sleep mode at the end of the "housekeeping task" to increase its cycle time to 8ms, which reduces current to 18mA (ProMicro 16MHz) and 21mA (FeatherBLE).

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